Beer Review

The Beer World gets more interesting every day, different brews are being produced and made better. In Cornwall we are surrounded by excellent brewery’s producing brilliant beer and I’m not talking about the ones you probably know of i.e. St Austell and Sharps. I’m talking about the little  interesting micro brewery’s that are popping up all over the Duchy in the past few years. A particular favourite of mine is a beer by Firebrand brewing company a sister brewery to Penopont, the beer is called Double Rye PA and at 7.0% it’s not one to mess with – Strong malty Backbone with a nice spicy rye note which real sets up a huge amount of US hop aroma and taste in this red IPA, it has a cirtus/ fruit finish which lingers and lingers which is good as many beers of the same style can be a bit weak and washy. 

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