The Beer Cellar – Exeter’s Craft Beer Bar

This is our first proper Craft Beer Bar and we love it!  And we’re sure you will too.  Our craft beer bar in Exeter is a beer paradise for people wanting to find a proper bar that serves tasty craft beer – not just any old beer – we mean beer in all its glory, it’s different styles from Belgium saisons, to hoptastic US craft IPAs, to deep dark imperial porters that make you sit and ponder or maybe you just a fancy a refreshing craft lager? With six cask beers and nine craft keg  and over 100 bottled beers and ciders we’ve got something for all beer lovers (and even their friends…)

Beer to take home?

What’s more you can take your beer home (not in that way). We sell reusable takeaway containers so you can continue the party at home or get your beer from us for a party or beery gathering. You can enjoy that fresh draught beer at home or choose from nearly 100 bottled beers that we retail.